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PepeFork and its spin-off Porktoshi are abuzz on X

PepeFork and its spin-off Porktoshi are abuzz on X

February 2, 2024

I. Mainstream exchange news

  • Coinbase has included Ronin (RONIN) in its listing roadmap
  • Coinbase will launch APT, FIL, and SUI perpetual futures contracts trading on February 8th
  • Coinbase offers fee-free spot trading for VIP traders with over $500,000 in monthly trading volume
  • Bybit has applied for a virtual asset trading platform license from the Hong Kong Securities Commission
  • Binance's Web3 wallet now supports BRC-20 assets and has launched a market for inscriptions
  • Binance will launch ALT/USDC, MAGIC/FDUSD, and SEI/USDC spot trading pairs
  • Binance has completed the integration of USDC on the Polkadot network and opened its deposit and withdrawal business
  • Puffer Finance has accumulated over $135 million in Ethereum deposits in 24 hours
  • Genesis reached a settlement with the SEC in a lawsuit related to Gemini Earn and agreed to pay a $21 million fine
  • The Nakamoto upgrade of Bitcoin's L2 network, Stacks is expected to take place in mid-April
  • NFT sales in January fell by 32% month-on-month to $1.186 billion, with ETH and BTC chains each accounting for nearly 30% of the total
  • The net inflow of funds into all BTC spot ETFs in the US on the 14th trading day was approximately $198 million
  • Germany's third-largest bank, DZ Bank, hopes to start a pilot phase of BTC retail trading this year

III. Funding news

  • NFT project Pixelmon raised $8 million in seed funding round, with participation from Animoca Brands
  • Delegate Labs raised $9 million in seed-round funding, with participation from Electric Capital
  • Crypto startup Velar completed a $3.5 million funding round
  • Web3 gaming company Saltwater completed a $5.5 million seed funding round
  • Hybrid crypto trading platform Cube.Exchange completed a $12 million Series A round of funding led by 6th Man Ventures
  • AI-focused web3 infrastructure protocol KIP Protocol completed a strategic round of funding led by Animoca Ventures
  • DePIN infrastructure provider Hivello completed a new round of $1.5 million funding, participated by NGC
  • Web3 game platform Yooldo completed a $1.5 million funding round

IV. Regulatory news

  • Binance's plans to return to the UK are blocked due to opposition from regulators
  • Salvador's vice president Felix Ulloa said Salvador will continue to focus on BTC after the general election

PepeFork rivals PEPE with a 200-fold surge and a $384 million market cap 

PepeFork memecoin has become a market frontrunner by surging over 200-fold from its bottom. With on-chain data indicating heavy purchases by large holders, its market cap has soared to $384 million, just shy of surpassing PEPE's $391 million valuation. The PepeFork community has grown to 11,700 token holders, boasting $18.83 million in on-chain liquidity and over $50 million in 24-hour trading volume, drawing high market attention.

Porktoshi, a PepeFork spinoff, gains traction among influencers

The recently on-chain deployed memecoin Porktoshi, inspired by Satoshi Nakamoto and credited to Pauly, has generated excitement among Crypto Twitter KOLs. With a market cap of $3 million, liquidity of $184,000, and trading volume hitting $4.13 million in just 24 hours, Porktoshi's trade activity is on an upward trend.

EMERALD sparks interest with new NFT experiment

EMERALD, an innovative ERC20721 experiment, allows users to receive an NFT upon purchasing an EMERALD token, which can be sold on platforms like Opensea. Following a security incident with the initial contract, a new contract with added liquidity was launched today. The token has a total supply of 7,777, on-chain liquidity amounting to $486,000, and a 24-hour trading volume of $2.54 million. Priced at 0.46E per NFT, EMERALD's fungible NFTs hold substantial liquidity potential, particularly through Uniswap trades.

Pyth Network's data file growth fuels oracle sector rally 

Dune Analytics data shows Pyth Network's cumulative staking has hit 820 million tokens, valued at over $400 million, representing 8.2% of the total supply. The number of staking users has crossed 144,000, with a sharp increase since January 13th. Pyth's token surged 25% in the past 24 hours, with sector peer LINK rising 16.3%. The oracle segment also includes highly volatile TRB and smaller caps like API3, BAND, DIA, and NEST.

BRC420 NFTs surge amid Merlin anticipation 

Following Bitmap's announcement of the BTC Layer 2 project Merlin, BRC420 has seen a steady price increase. The top-tier Blue Box NFT hit a new all-time high of 0.677 BTC, and Blue Crystal also reached a record of 0.014 BTC. The surge is primarily driven by significant airdrop expectations from Merlin, sparking high interest in the BRC420-related NFTs. Early interaction with the ecosystem could offer chances to secure a spot in potential airdrops.

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