WOOTRADE's Mission

WOOTRADE's Mission

WOOTRADE is a digital asset liquidity pool, founded by the Kronos management team in May 2019. To address this industry’s lack of liquidity, fairness, and of course, sleep, WOOTRADE was created.

The first stage in our roadmap is to provide deeper liquidity for institutional clients by partnering with top exchanges, funds, and quant teams. Kronos Research will support in building infrastructure and act as an initial liquidity provider.

KRON token -> WOO token

All use cases promised previously for KRON have shifted to WOO token. One can think of this as a rebranding but with added use cases such as the following two new and very crucial ones:

I. WOO token is essentially monetized liquidity — participants can pay or get paid depending on their value to the ecosystem

II. Token holders can invest in vetted trading teams whose track records are verified

**Below is a list of the major use cases for WOO token currently:**

I. Guaranteed allocations to top-performing fund strategies. Invest directly with WOO tokens — optional price lock

II. Staking to participate in the liquidity bidding process and receive tokens

III. Pay transaction & service fees, while receiving rebates

IV. Fiat/stable coin trading & lending

V. Trading teams can utilize EMS/OMS to handle custom collateral, trading permissions, execution, and buy data

VI. Investors can access information and data on various trading teams

VII. Create custom trading products (synthetic swaps) using WOO token

VIII. Governance will become an ever more important aspect of the ecosystem and voting power will be accrued based on both time and amount of tokens staked

We are always looking to partner up with creative thinkers and doers. Follow and reach out to us at any time! www.woo.trade

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