WOO launches an innovation hub with an initial focus on the BTC ecosystem and diversifying across top growth verticals

WOO launches an innovation hub with an initial focus on the BTC ecosystem and diversifying across top growth verticals

Announced at Token2049 week in Dubai, grants will be awarded to harness the WOO token's potential across emerging crypto sectors, including AI and Bitcoin Layer-2 solutions, fueling next-generation decentralized projects.

Dubai, UAE April 15, 2024 – WOO unveils strategic plans for expanding its Europe-based innovation hub, with a primary focus on bolstering the BTC ecosystem and diversifying into key DeFi growth verticals, intending to expand WOO into anticipated growth sectors of the impending crypto bull market.

WOO is an ecosystem of aligned products, including the WOOFi protocol, a leading DEX protocol with over $13B cumulative trading volume and 250k+ monthly active users, and WOO X a top global crypto centralized exchange - all centered around providing innovations and tools to users while creating more utility for the WOO token.

The objective is to increase the number of WOO-aligned products in the coming months as WOO takes a more decentralized approach to ecosystem building and governance, that is better able to adapt and align with dynamic market trends while growing the scope of the overall ecosystem.

On the sidelines of the Token2049, an annual meeting of the crypto ecosystem's decision-makers, Ben Yorke, VP of Ecosystem announced the availability of grants to global participating teams working on Real World Assets (RWA), Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Bitcoin Layer-2 solutions, and Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN).

“The expansion of our Innovation Hub underscores our commitment to identifying and incubating potential projects that could leverage the WOO token as a core component of their innovations. Our ecosystem can provide resources, such as access to liquidity, market makers, users, and partners, which will create a powerful flywheel effect as more high-quality builders become aligned with WOO.

Yorke highlighted that because this is a grant, “the aim is not to acquire ownership of their projects and as such welcome proposals in any format. Alongside the grants, our commitment extends to empowering these promising startups to scale by providing our expertise and valuable industry connections. This comprehensive support system is designed to foster their growth and success, while spreading our vision of  building with integrity, to improve user access to innovative tools and global opportunities.”

How to join the WOO Innovation Hub

Yorke announced that interested applicants can submit their proposals to [email protected]. Teams will be selected based on their commitment to innovating within the RWA, DeFi, AI, BTC Layer-2, and DePIN growth verticals and their ability to integrate WOO as a fundamental aspect of their innovation. 

Contact us: [email protected]

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