Join the Zero-fee Revolution with WOO X VIP Matching Program

Join the Zero-fee Revolution with WOO X VIP Matching Program

In 2021, WOO X became the first cryptocurrency exchange to provide real zero-fee trading for both spot and perps markets. Even today, we are considered to be the only exchange to do so while not sacrificing liquidity or spreads, making WOO X truly the ideal platform for sophisticated traders to unlock their full trading potential.

Today, we are excited to announce the expansion of our VIP Matching Program to the public. If you’re already trading at another exchange with a VIP status, you may be immediately eligible for a matching VIP level at WOO X, and more.

Join the VIP Matching Program now.

Read on as we unpack what’s in store for you.

What about WOO X?

If you are new to WOO X or unfamiliar with what we provide, here’s a quick refresher to get up to speed:

  • Officially launched in 2021
  • 1st cryptocurrency exchange providing real zero-fee-trading for all pairs
  • The only exchange to provide zero-fee perps
  • 94 Spot Markets and 70 Perps Markets
  • Volume rebates for taker orders (Trade-to-Earn)
  • Fully customizable modules for workspace customization
  • ISO/IEC 27001 Certification, meeting the BSI standards for information security
  • Institutional-grade user assets custody with Fireblocks
  • Live dashboard for verifying assets and liabilities (Coming Soon)

For a more detailed summary and breakdown, check out the article here.

Understanding the WOO X VIP Matching Program

The WOO X VIP Matching Program is our bespoke premium experience designed for traders who’ve reached a high sustained trading volume in both spot and perps markets.

Beyond receiving the upgraded staking tiers, taker rebates and free withdrawals, WOO X VIPs also have the privilege to be a part of exclusive Telegram groups with direct access to the WOO Network team, get the first glimpses at upcoming product features, enjoy 1-to-1 onboarding calls, receive exclusive invitations to offline events or trading competitions, and have a say in our future product roadmap.

Summary of Benefits:

  • VIP-exclusive Tier 6 taker volume rebate for perps
  • Exclusive Telegram group with direct access to the WOO Network team
  • Have a say in future product roadmap
  • Be the first to test new products
  • 30 minute 1-to-1 onboarding call (Optional)
  • Exclusive invitations to offline events
  • Exclusive invitations to trading competitions and new VIP programs
  • Merch boxes
  • Other customized benefits

An Upgraded Experience

As part of the initial public launch, we are also granting all new VIPs who deposit 1000 USDT or more with 30 days of free upgrade to Tier 6 of WOO Staking. This instantly unlocks the taker volume rebates for both spot and perps markets.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the WOO X VIP Matching Program, the trader should either be a current VIP from another cryptocurrency exchange, or a newly registered (and/or inactive) current VIP on WOO X.

  • VIPs from other exchanges
  • Newly registered WOO X VIPs, or dormant WOO X VIPs who’ve not traded

Traders who can provide their proof-of-VIP status from other exchanges will be prioritized in the queue.

Joining the WOO X VIP Matching Program

Ready to join the WOO X VIP Matching Program? Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Submit your details through this form.
  2. If you’ve been referred to WOO X by an affiliate, register for a new WOO X account with your referral code.
  3. Deposit 1000+ USDT to enjoy 30 days of Tier 6 (WOO Staking Tier) benefits.
  4. Your dedicated VIP concierge will reach out to you.

Start your new trading journey today with 0 fees on WOO X.

Stay tuned for all of WOO Network’s exciting developments!

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