Exclusive WOO hoodies are here — don’t miss the chance to get yours!

Exclusive WOO hoodies are here — don’t miss the chance to get yours!

100 exclusive WOO hoodies will be available for NFT holders on January 10.

To mark the first anniversary of the WOO token, we have created a collection of 100 exclusive NFTs, exchangeable for unique hoodies available in 4 styles and different sizes. Only the NFT holders will be able to submit a form to receive a hoodie, based on the snapshot taken on January 10, 2022. The redemption form will be available for them on Project Galaxy.

Important dates:

  • From now till November 31: take part in activities to have a chance to win an NFT
  • December 1: NFT claiming starts on Project Galaxy’s website
  • December 10 — January 10: NFTs can be traded on Opensea
  • January 10: a snapshot of the addresses holding the NFT will be taken and a form to claim the hoodie will be available for these NFT holders on Project Galaxy’s website.
  • January 20 — the last day to submit the form to get your hoodie!

Great stuff, but how do I get the NFT?

There are 3 ways to take part in the NFT giveaway. You can choose any of them or all of them to increase your chances of winning:

  1. On WOO X: submit this form and trade at least $5,000 in volume on WOO/USDT pair until November 30, 23:59 UTC, 2021.
  2. On WOOFi: trade at least $1,000 in volume on any pair until November 30, 23:59 UTC, 2021. No form needed — winners’ addresses will automatically be eligible for claiming the NFT.
  3. Follow WOO Network’s social media, including Twitter, Discord, Instagram, and Reddit. Then take part in activities (to be announced) that don’t require trading.

How do I claim the NFT if I win?

Simply check our NFTs on Project Galaxy on December 1. You’ll be able to press the “Claim” button if your address is eligible. We’ll make an official announcement after all 100 addresses are whitelisted for claiming.

These NFTs will be tradeable on Opensea! That means even if you don’t win, you may get the chance to buy an NFT from another lucky user. Since each hoodie will have a unique size and color, winners may need to trade to acquire the color and size of their choice.

Done deal, now how will I get my hoodie?

  1. We will take a snapshot of all NFT holders on January 10.
  2. From January 10 to January 20 — only holders of the NFT at the time of the snapshot will have access to a form on Project Galaxy’s website, which they can submit to be sent one of the exclusive hoodies.


Is there a deadline to submit the form for the hoodie?

Yes, the deadline to apply for a hoodie is January 20, 2022.

Do I have to pay for shipping?

WOO Network covers the shipping costs however you might need to pay customs fees for your respective country.

Do you accept returns and refunds?

No, no returns or refunds are accepted for this campaign. We are not responsible for parcels lost or damaged in transit, or stuck at customs.

* Regarding the above activities, WOO Network reserves the right to modify and explain the content. For further terms and conditions of the events please visit the official WOO X Support Center.

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