Bitkub Exchange and Bitkub Academy partner with WOO to promote blockchain and Web 3.0 education

Bitkub Exchange and Bitkub Academy partner with WOO to promote blockchain and Web 3.0 education

Bitkub Exchange and its educational arm, Bitkub Academy, have formed a strategic partnership with WOO, the operator of the globally-recognized crypto exchange WOO X, founded by former Wall Street traders. This alliance aims to propel blockchain and Web 3.0 education in Thailand. 

The collaboration will involve the development of, which will serve as a pivotal platform to enhance the user experience in navigating blockchain technology. Additionally, it will offer free access to jointly developed educational content tailored for diverse audiences within the ecosystem.

“We strongly believe that this education-focused strategic partnership with WOO, a reputable name in the global blockchain space, is a vital step in advancing this industry. As Thailand’s largest digital asset exchange platform, regulated by the Thai SEC, we aim to cooperatively stimulate and distribute education to the Thai community in the highest possible standards,” Atthakrit Chimplapibul, CEO of Bitkub Online Co., Ltd. said.

“WOO is dedicated to advancing blockchain education, aiming to empower individuals with valuable knowledge. By understanding blockchain's fundamentals, individuals can navigate the evolving digital economy, drive financial inclusion, and explore new avenues in technological advancements, thereby unlocking vast potential in various sectors in Thailand and even across Asia,” said Andras Caron, WOO Head of PR and Branding.

For his part, Sugrit Phutaviriya, CEO of Bitkub Labs Co., Ltd., said, “Bitkub Academy is focused on developing a complete plethora of educational formats and promotions that are unobstructed and accessible by the Thai population. With this partnership announcement with WOO, we believe this sentiment is strongly aligned and are anticipating users’ heightened sense of engagement with the variety of educational media and campaigns that will be released under this collaboration.”

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