A monthly WOO Network roundup: October 2021

A monthly WOO Network roundup: October 2021

October was a busy month for the WOO Network team, with the launch of WOOFi Swap, the 1-year WOO token anniversary, the beginning of the first WOO Ventures airdrop, and a partnership with Chainlink!

October was nothing short of a monumental month for WOO Network! Headlining the month was the launch of WOOFi Swap (Alpha), seeing WOO Network bringing its CeFi best-in-class liquidity to DeFi, with the lowest fees possible — so you can keep more of what you earn. WOOFi Swap is developed with the brand new on-chain MM algorithm Synthetic Proactive Market Making (sPMM), which in combination with WOO Network’s liquidity, sees WOOFi Swap users get the best possible pricing and lowest slippage — as well as impressively low fees (0.1% across all pairs).

Introducing WOOFi Swap: A decentralized exchange bridging CeFi liquidity to DeFi

WOOFi Swap deploys its liquidity network and institutional market-making techniques to provide best possible pricing…


Officially a Binance star! WOO Network has been selected by Binance as one of the most valuable builders in the BSC ecosystem, and in their own words, “one of the most innovative BSC DeFi infra”.

10,000 unique ERC-20 addresses! As WOO Network’s presence in DeFi continues to grow, so does the amount of WOO holders on the Ethereum Network.

WOO Network in DeFi

While WOOFi Swap was certainly the main event for WOOFi this month, it wasn’t the only big announcement. Chainlink and WOO Network will be combining forces to launch cutting-edge customized institutional market data oracles! This sees the best CeFi pricing meets the best oracle infrastructure in DeFi, as WOO Network looks forward to empowering DeFi 2.0 with more accurate and reliable on-chain price quotes and liquidity parameters.

The research-driven initiative combines WOO Network’s liquidity provision strategies with Chainlink’s robust oracle…


Want to learn more about WOOFi? Check out the WOOFi section in our ‘Learn’ documents here: https://learn.woo.org/woofi/intro


More assets means more options! WOO X added PERP, ZRX, SHIB, BTT, CAKE, and SPELL to the arsenal, so you can trade more of the coins you love without paying fees.

WOO X will support Boba Network in the release of their new token, BOBA, by airdropping it to OMG token holders on WOO X. This event will take place in mid-November.

WOO X continues to expand its support for more networks, tokens, and stable coins, so you can do more, without doing more. FTT and USDC can now be withdrawn and deposited via the Solana Network, as well as support for the HECO network for WOO deposits and withdrawals.

More countries supported! Head to support.woo.org to see if your country is now supported on WOO X

While the launch of WOOFi Swap took the limelight in October, the WOO team was still working away on the WOO X Mobile App (iOS), with multiple key updates taking place. Make sure to keep your app updated to have access to all these great features.

Instant unstaking is here! For a 5% fee on the WOO tokens you’d like to unstake, you can now instantly unstake WOO tokens, without having to wait 7 days. All fees from the instant unstaking go towards a monthly WOO token burn!

You can now edit pending orders on WOO X without having to create a new one.

The WOO Token

The September burn was completed at the start of October, and after impressive network volumes towards the end of September, 312,936 WOO tokens were forever removed from the circulating supply in this transaction:


The WOO token turns 1 year old! October 30th was the 1 year anniversary of the WOO token, and we want you all to join in the celebration. Staking rewards on WOO X have been increased for 1 month, alongside a trading challenge for a chance at an exclusive and limited NFT, exchangeable for merch!

WOO comes to Poloniex! A WOO/USDT pair has been listed on popular exchange Poloniex.

WOO Ventures

The first WOO Ventures airdrop started in October, continuing onto the end of the year! WOO X stakers have been enjoying daily airdrops of DODO since October 15th, as part of our WOO Ventures airdrop initiative. So far almost 150,000 DODO has been airdropped.

WOO Ventures has launched a Twitter account, so you can get more insights into how they are helping to expand the future of the WOO ecosystem. Be sure to drop them a follow!

WOO Ventures were hard at work in October, seeing the announcement of the strategic investments of Strips Finance, Deri Protocol, and Entropyfi.

Business Development

WOO Network and Perpetual Protocol combine forces! WOO Network has partnered with Perpetual Protocol, expanding support for on-chain derivatives trading — bringing institutional liquidity to Perpetual Protocol and more volume and token use-cases for WOO Network.

WOO Network partners with Perpetual Protocol to expand support for on-chain derivatives trading

With decentralized derivatives volumes growing rapidly, WOO Network is positioning itself to capture the rising volumes…


WOO Network held a trading competition to celebrate the partnership with Perpetual Protocol and the listing of PERP, where $10,000 USD in WOO and PERP were given away to 10 winners.

WOO Network is working with NEAR protocol to bring efficiency to their ecosystem, and NEAR has reciprocated this support, including WOO in their $350M grants DAO.

Nefertiti is the first third-party freeware trading bot to take advantage of the low or even zero fees on WOO X, with their bot now supporting the exchange.

Nefertiti trading bot and WOO X

This is part 10 in a series of articles on the Nefertiti trading bot. If you don’t know what Nefertiti is or does…


The WOO team made an appearance at Token 2049 in London and conferences across Dubai, giving the team a chance to talk with emerging projects, investors, and leading names about WOO and all things crypto.


Crypto Rand hosted an interview with the WOO Network team, giving their community many insights into how WOO is changing the crypto space.


Halloween saw some scares and frights, but our community was able to take shelter from those scary trading fees on WOO X, designing some WOO-themed pumpkins in the process!

WOO X up in the clouds! Community member Sowzeli shows that the sky is the limit for where you can trade with zero fees and best-in-class liquidity.


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