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Unlock a $40,000 BENJI prize pool with Basenji!

Unlock a $40,000 BENJI prize pool with Basenji!

BM GM Basenjis! Get ready to score some incredible rewards.

Trade $BENJI, the hottest token skyrocketing on the Base Chain. Dive into our two thrilling activities with a $40,000 prize pool: Trade to earn and Show off your PnL lucky draw.

Sniff out these golden opportunities and grab all you can!

Listing timeline

    • Deposits open: June 19, 2:00  (UTC)
    • Trading begins: June 19, 8:00 (UTC) ▶️ Trade BENJI/USDT now! 
    • Withdrawals open: June 20, 2:00 (UTC)
  • Campaign duration: June 20, 9:00 - June 26, 23:59 (UTC), 7 days

Campaign overview

1. Trade to earn: Trade to share a $39,000 BENJI prize pool

  • All users who complete BENJI/USDT spot trades meeting the specific trading volume requirements indicated in the table above on WOO X during the activity period are eligible to share the stated prize pools.
  • Users with a staking tier of at least 1 on WOO X can receive double rewards. To qualify, users must start staking at least 1,800 WOO tokens by the end of the activity, when the snapshot will be taken.
  • The prizes are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. However, if a user has accumulated over $60,000 in BENJI/USDT trading volume and the corresponding prize pool has been fully allocated, they will be moved down into the lower tiers to share the remaining prizes in those tiers, until the "Trade to earn" prize pools are fully allocated.
  • Each eligible user can only win once per activity; trading volume from sub-accounts will be combined with the main account for the final calculation; rewards from different thresholds cannot be combined.

2. Show off your BENJI PnL to join a $1,000 BENJI lucky draw

  • Users must complete the tasks below to be eligible for the lucky draw:
    • Share your $BENJI spot trade on WOO X by posting the brand-new Basenji PnL card on your X profile. 
    • Reply to the main campaign tweet with the link to your tweet and include your WOO X UID.
    • Retweet the main campaign tweet.
  • 10 randomly picked winners will each receive an equal share of the $1,000 BENJI prize pool.
  • Users are required to make their profiles public and allow direct messages to be sent to their profiles.
  • Note: In order to find the new BENJI PnL card on WOO X, simply click on your $BENJI open position in the portfolio widget at, and click on the share button (under Unreal. PnL) to select the BENJI PnL card.

Terms and conditions

All users and participants of the campaign accept that:

  • He/She abides by the WOO X Campaign Terms and Conditions.
  • All users/participants of the campaign must be registered and successfully KYC’ed to at least level 1 on WOO X before the end of the campaign duration.
  • WOO X reserves the right to change the above-mentioned timeline at its discretion, in particular, to end the event earlier or later.
  • For the purpose of prize calculation and distribution, 1 BENJI is equivalent to 0.076 USDT.
  • All rewards will be distributed in $BENJI within 14 working days after the campaign has ended. If the rewards have not been credited after 14 working days, please contact our 24/7 online Customer Support or email for assistance. In the event of any delay in the rewards distribution, the user may not demand any interest for the duration of the delay.
  • Each user is responsible for their own tax settlements resulting from receiving the reward.
  • 2B and API traders are not eligible to participate in this campaign.
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